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We live in a rural setting in SW Minnesota. Our 5 children were raise with several different kinds of pets. Animals have always been part of our  family. These beloved pets have  made our lives more complete. Our Cardigans are  family pets, they live in our home under foot. The dogs love the country and  they have allot of area to run and chase.  


 My love of animals runs several generations deep, my great grandfather was a vet.  As a child, my constant companions were  a Lab - Irish Setter cross and a English Shepherd.  Growing up in Mpls St. Paul area most of my life, but weekend were spent on my Grandparents farm with cows, horses, and  chicken ect.  At the ripe age of 17 my parents moved to rural northern MN, where I graduated from high school. I have never  moved back to the city life. I love the rural area and freedom of wide open spaces.


 We had always had dogs, cats,  chickens,  horses, and a couple calves in our menagerie of pets as the kid were growing.  Chows, came in1986, and were  what started me in the dog show world.   Petey, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, introduced us to Corgis in 1989 and it has never been the same. Petunia, my first Cardigan, came into our lives in 1995 from Davenitch and Connie Whan. 


In all the years of experience of Chows and then Pembrokes I learned allot  from  both good and bad experiences. This is where my ethics for breeding dogs have comes from, and the old say  "Do unto others as you would want done to you."  This is very important to me, I have lived with dogs with hip dysplasia and  grumpy temperaments.


 Structure and health are very important in any breeding program, but to me, Temperament  is at the top.   Living with a dog with a unsuitable temperament is not something I would wish a upon anyone. I have dealt with a corgi that has questionable temperament issues and it  isn't easy for the humans or other dogs in you household. 

  • My goal, in every litter:


    • is to produce well socialized, loving puppies that will make a stable, loving family companion.

    • produce a quality Cardigan that has the  ability to do the task at hand, be it laying on the couch or herding sheep.

I do not breed to supply a market, but to improve the quality and health of the  Cardigan Welsh Corgi for the next generation.


Cardigans have the heart and the ability to do anything that you ask.  They do many things well from agility to search and rescue.  This little dog, has the heart of a  German Shepherd, the temperament of a Collie and the drive of a bull.  They are a long lived breed, 12-15 plus years.  They are an all around dog, that thinks  it is a giant at heart, but comes in a compact small package.


This is not a dog for everyone. 

They do shed.


I will gladly give, References,   I will answer all questions you may have about  Cardigans, mine or someone else's. 


 I am member  of :

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America

  • I abide by the CWCCA Code of Ethics.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Rescue Trust


North Star Herding Group Club

  • Web Manager and Year End Award  Chair








Qwaynt Cardigans


                                                                                                    Our mission:

     To breed and produce Cardigans that have excellent temperaments, correct structure,

                                                            and genetically sound health through testing. 

    Not to loose sight of the importance of form and function of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

                                                                   and never sacrificing one for the other.

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