Qwaynt Cardigans Reg'd


Extended Family

 Cardigans I have bred and owned by extraordinary families and friends


owned by Logan


owned by Joanne

 Casey  lives in WI

 lives in WI

 Libbie and Logan owned by Lynn and Rachel

Libbie -  Rest in Peace sweet girl


Logan BOB Rochester MN (rainbow bridge)

Edward owned by Frisby Family

Wishes and the Carey family

Raisin owned by Jennette

Frodo owned by Daughtery

Willow (Brindle)  with Marne owned by Daughtery

Sadie and the Tree family 


Shalee and her kitty watching birds

Abbey owned by  Hiltons


Spark owned by Bill

Zoey and the Strickland Family



Quinn owned by Michaels


Shalee and Quinn owned by the Michaels

Quaint's Dreaming Wild Raven HT PT


owned by Lorrie

 owned C Roberts

Eddie owned by Lindsey

Murphy  HT PT owned by Colleen


Tucker owned by Weslie


Flannigan owned by Delaneys

Tallie owned by Christine

Morgan owned by Roberta

Disco owned by the Boyles


Qwaynt Cardigans


Sherburn, MN


                                                                                                    Our mission:

     To breed and produce Cardigans that have excellent temperaments, correct structure,

                                                            and genetically sound health through testing. 

    Not to loose sight of the importance of form and function of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

                                                                   and never sacrificing one for the other.

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