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Qwaynt Cardigans Puppy Questionnaire

Qwaynt Cardigan's  puppies are sold  with great concern, for both the puppy and the new owners. 

The questions below help me to understand your lifestyle, experience and commitment to  a purchase of a new Cardigan Welsh Corgi .   Filling out this questionnaire, does not guarantee you will be able to purchase a puppy from Qwaynt Cardigans. Thank you for your interest in our dogs.



Please answer all the Questions  :

Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Home Phone

E-mail address

People in your family? 

please include children and their ages.

Which would you prefer a male or female cardigan?


What color cardigan would you prefer ?

Why do you want a Cardigan?


What are your  plans for this Cardigan? 


What are some of the families favorite activities to do with your pets .


Will you be doing any performance activities with your cardigan ? examples:  Obedience, Rally,  Agility,  


Yes   No

What pets do you currently or you  owned in the past own? 

Are your current pets spay or neutered? 


Where did you obtain your current or past pets? 



Your past pets, Where are they now


Have  any of your pets  been given away or taken to a shelter ? 







Is your yard fenced? height of fence


if not fenced Do you plan on fencing?


Do you have a Run? its size


Who will be responsible for exercising and toilet duties of this Cardigan if no fence?

How many hours is the family gone each day?

Will someone come home to let the puppy/ dog out during the day?

Where will the puppy/ dog be during the day when family members are not home ?

Where will the puppy/dog spend the night?

When the family travels, where will the puppy/dog stay?

Will you crate train the puppy?

Is there anyone in your family allergic to dogs or dog hair ?


Do your pets have a regular Veterinary that cares for them  now ?


Will this puppy/dog have regular vet care?

Who will be the primary caregiver to this  puppy/dog?

Do you know the  dog laws for your state, county, and city


Does your city or county have a dog limit per household?


Do you agree to obey your state, county, and city laws?


Are you willing  to complete a basic obedience course with this Cardigan ?


Where will you take  basic obedience with this puppy/dog ?



Would you be willing for me or my representative  to visiting your home ?


Do You agree that you will spay or neuter a  puppy by eight months of age?


Do you agree to contact me (breeder) if you can no longer keep this puppy/dog?



Name  address and phone number of your  veterinarian?


Please contact your vet and give permission to him or her for me to make a reference call


2 Personal References 

 Name-Email address-phone



How were you referred to us?

If by a person:  Please include their name:


By submitting this questionnaire:

All the statements are true, to the best of my knowledge.

 Please answer YES or NO  


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Qwaynt Cardigans


Sherburn, MN


                                                                                                    Our mission:

     To breed and produce Cardigans that have excellent temperaments, correct structure,

                                                            and genetically sound health through testing. 

    Not to loose sight of the importance of form and function of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

                                                                   and never sacrificing one for the other.

all material copyright to Qwaynt Cardigans 2014